About Habitat West

native habitat restoration crew

Habitat West, Inc. was founded in 1993 with the exclusive agenda of providing the highest quality native habitat restoration and weed management services. A trained staff of habitat specialists, horticulturists, irrigation specialists, equipment operators and a full labor force enables us to manage all aspects of habitat restoration, mitigation and non-native invasive weed eradication. Habitat West’s diverse background blends strong academic credentials with hands-on field expertise.

We have extensive experience working on contracts that have been permitted by federal and state agencies, including those with requirements for endangered species and sensitive habitats within the Southern California region. All of Habitat West's mitigation projects fall under some or all of the permit requirement from U.S. Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and/or the Army Corp of Engineers.

Habitat West has over 23 years of experience maintaining and monitoring numerous long-term contracts for upland and wetland mitigation sites. Our project team has a reputation and track record of providing quality services and getting projects signed off. Our dedication to long term maintenance strategies gives native vegetation optimum opportunity to flourish over non-native species.

Habitat West holds a current Landscape Contractor’s License (C-27 #672030) as well as a Pest Control Advisor’s License and Qualified Applicator Licenses. We are certified as a WBE, MBE, DBE, SB(Micro) and UDBE.